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Residential grid connect solar power systems


IPS grid connected solar power systems. Clean power generation for your home or business using equipment we have selected based on 10 years of experience.

Every system is treated as an individual project
we take care of everything including paperwork for approvals and rebates.
IPS will not compete with companies who use the cheapest equipment available. Our prices are relative to the cost of good quality proven inverters and panels.
Everything we use from cable down to sealants are quality products.

Learn more about our RESIDENTIAL STORAGE here.

  • Sunpower, Schott, Solarworld, Suntech Solar Panels
  • SMA, Selectronic and Fronius inverters.
  • Schletter German rail systems

Back up systems

In the event of a grid power failure in your street the solar power system will shut down for safety reasons, unless you have a battery bank and a backup system. The backup options are SMA sunnybackup with your existing or new sma inverter or selectronic sp pro australian made grid connect and backup inverter in one.


(the current federal government solar credits scheme)

You can sell the small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) created when you install solar panels, in Perth you will create 21 STC’s per kw of solar PV. The solar credits scheme will allow you to multiply STC’s x 2 on the first 1.5kw
Note: The value of STC’s can change daily, the solar credits scheme allows you to multiply your number of STC’s x 2 after 30/6/2012 and is planned to reduce again

The value of STC’s

Size Value

You can trade the STC’s yourself to a trader like greenbank or you can assignt the STC’s to IPS for a point of sale discount
You should check current STC prices and assignment proceedures at

Feed in tarrif

A feed in tarriff is paid by SYNERGY for your exported power.
Using the renewable energy buyback scheme (REBS)
This is shown as a credit to you on your electricity bill. The value is 7 cents per kwh or unit exported to the grid or if you use the power yourself before it is exported it is worth what you saved by not buying a unit of electricity, usually around 20c Your system must be 5kw or less to be eligible.

More information can be found at